Gamer’s Paradise — Fruitlab

What is FruitLab ?

FruitLab is a website where you can enjoy gaming clips of 20–30 clips and earn pips. So what are pips? PIPS are basically there currency to buy a gift card ( available in your region ) . Per 1000 Pips , u earn 1$. The ratio is pretty good and achievable, not only you get to buy your favorite gift cards at the end of the day but also get to connect to awesome gamers.

How is the environment ? Is it friendly or toxic?

The environment is the chat is really cool. People greet you with warm welcome. Even if it is your first day, you will be able to get upto 15–100 followers ( based on how much time and clips you put it ). It’s day 2 here and I already got 50 followers ( spending less than 1hr on the website ). I also uploaded Full video, 1 minute video and one 20 second video. Want to which did better ? Subscribe to my blogs for more information.

Here is my username : rahulbhatt

Is FruitLab User Friendly?

Fruitlab has a unique design and has a overall modern look to the website structure. The dark background already tells you that the website has to be good, haha. The website sitemap is also very intuitive. Beginners can easily navigate through the website. They also have I’m New section in the chat ( Juice )

Is it worth to invest your time in FruitLab?

If you are a gamer, casual or competitive then definitely. You don’t have to upload those 20–30 mins to get ad revenue here. You just have to upload a clip that is longer than 20 seconds. Shorter clips = Less than editing.

Let’s connect with each other fruitlab.



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